China-born, St. Louis-based visual artist Diana Zeng makes paintings that explore the fleeting nature of life by inviting the viewer to focus on the experience of a moment. From grand vantage points to mundane scenes, she marvels at being alive with bold colors and sincere perspectives. Her work captures the essence of a moment with vibrant clarity and a stillness of introspection. Rooted in her intimate awareness of her subjects, Zeng draws out the essential beauty that exists in our world.


Diana Zeng

Born in Chengdu, China, Diana Zeng immigrated to the United States with her family just before her third birthday. After initially settling in Chicago, she spent her childhood moving to New Jersey and then to Massachusetts. Zeng made her way to Washington University in St. Louis where she was introduced to oil painting while going to school for business. This became the catalyst to her eventual pursuit of painting and art.

Zeng continues to work in oil while incorporating acrylic, ink, and nontraditional mediums into her process. Her early childhood studies in Chinese calligraphy and ink wash painting gave rise to her interpretive approach of subjects. Zeng’s work reflects a visual reality enriched by a vibrant depiction of how she imagines the world could be.

Here's a brief history of her journey.